Happy couple starts their life together with a boogie down the isle

By Michael Inbar

TODAYShow.com contributor

updated 10:31 a.m. ET July 25, 2009

Most couples wait until the reception before breaking out into the Funky Chicken on their wedding day, but Kevin Heinz and Jill Peterson figured, why wait to unleash their unbridled joy?

The 28-year-olds floored their wedding guests by having their whole bridal party — including seven bridesmaids, five groomsmen and four ushers — boogie down the aisle in a choreographed dance more at home in a Broadway musical than in a somber church.

Groomsmen split into sides as Heinz did a somersault in front of the wowed crowd — and the gown-clad Peterson quickly followed, shaking her hips to Chris Brown’s “Forever” while pumping her bridal bouquet into the air during the June 20 ceremony in St. Paul, Minn.

via Secrets behind wacky YouTube wedding dance – TODAY Weddings.

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One Response to “Happy couple starts their life together with a boogie down the isle”

  1. Dawn Break says:

    I enjoyed this video so much the first time I saw it.
    Love seeing true joy and love, and sharing.
    Watched it over and over and over, plus it sent it to family and friends.
    Each and every time I watched, it made me smile.

    And watching it today, it still makes me smile.
    I hope all those young couples are enjoying life with the same spirit and joy.

    Best wishes, sincerely

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