I keep this blog to share information about various healthy living topics with  the world. I come across so many interesting tips and natural solutions and I share them here with you.

In the past few years I have become more conscious and aware of the effects our environment has on our health, be it food, stress, sleep, work environments, etc. I’ve been greening my life, my home, my food. I had a deep moment shortly before starting this blog, while taking a bite of a sweet, juicy, sun-warmed, homegrown tomato, that this was an expression of the love of God. I never felt that way eating a supermarket tomato!

I’ve been feeling that most of the problems we have happening in our worlds can be addressed by simplifying, going back to the way many things used to be done before giant corporations got involved to make a profit. Trying to live life as we were designed to live life. Growing food not only because it is delicious, and not only because I don’t trust the factory farming methods robbing our foods of the nutrients they are supposed to have, but because it is fun! It is great exercise, an excuse to be outside, and a way to enjoy the spring and summer seasons to their fullest. I’d rather get my workout pulling weeds than burning gas, driving to the gym I pay $$ for, to lift weights under fluorescent lights!

I also have a heavy interest in ergonomics, having experienced the horribleness of a repetitive strain injury (RSI) from computer overuse.

And I include information about relationships with people, friends, family, society, because I realize that those connections are essential to healthy living.